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    Our courses on vaccines include  individual vaccines, vaccine ingredients, and vaccine politics.


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    Courses4Mastery - with our bi-annual Boot Camp Course, our Research Library and now,  the advanced modules available at VaccineU - is positioned to be the leader in online education.


    This information is designed specifically for you - as a parent, a physician, a healthcare worker, a community leader and a political activist.

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    • Each module starts with a video.

      BEFORE YOU BEGIN: We encourage you to purchase and set up a large 3-ring binder with tabs. You will learn so much in these modules, you'll want to create your own Course Binder and watch it grow over time.


      Each module is presented as 1 or 2 professionally produced videos. You can stop, start, rewind and take notes. We encourage you to download and print the documents from your DocBox named 'Module Outline' and 'Module Description, What you will learn from this module' before you start the video.

    • Each module includes a DocBox, up to 20 full text scientific articles - and more!

      We've done the hard work for you. Included with each module is your very own DocBox - a collection of supporting full text articles in pdf format. The additional information will deepen your understanding - and back up what you've learned with the actual scientific references. Some modules also include charts, tables and lists that you can download for future reference.

    • Each module is viewed by logging into a secure website portal.

      The videos cannot be downloaded onto any of your personal devices. However, all of the documents in the DocBox are yours to keep, for your personal library and to print for your Course Binder. They can also be freely shared with others.

    • Discussion is the best way to learn and remember.

      We want to build a community, so we've created a FORUM for each module. This is an area where ou can have a private discussion with other students, ask questions for your instructors, make suggestions for improvement and even make suggestions for additional modules for the course. We want you to know, your not alone. We will be interacting with students in the FORUMS AND we want to hear from you!

    • We're proud of you; and you should be proud of your work too!

      Every module with in course has a Certificate of Completion you can download and print. Display your knowledge on your home or office wall. We will (soon) be applying to various institutions for continuing education credits for our courses and modules - stay tuned!


    VaccineU is ALWAYS expanding, adding new courses and modules. Check back frequently.


    We will soon be adding Closed Captioning. We plan to expand the modules into various languages. 


    Hundreds of students have already participated in our advanced modules. We are growing quickly.


    Our instructors have a proven track record as educators and presenters. 

    Learn from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, the experienced leader and outspoken advocate on problems associated with vaccines and vaccination. 

    You've followed her work for years. Now, you can ENGAGE and learn directly from her years of experience. 









    • Dr. Tenpenny is one of the most knowledgeable references on problems associated with vaccines. 

      Dr. Tenpenny has invested tens of thousands of hours over nearly 20 years researching problems associated with vaccines. Her work has exposed the real truth about vaccination and the potentially devastating health problems that can result. At VaccineU, you can learn the important information she has discovered.

    • Dr. Tenpenny is accessible during your course.

      We have created a chat section for each module, where you can leave a message for your instructors and to reach out to Dr. Tenpenny. You also have access to a HelpDesk if you have additional technical questions.

    • Connect with other students; build your own network.

      In the Conversation Forum, you will be able to learn from your fellow students. You can connect with each other, build a local network and personal team. 

    • Dr. Tenpenny is a leader in the War Against True Vaccine Information.

      From weekly Facebook Lives, to vScienceBites Radio and other monthly radio broadcasts, to National and International presentations and beyond, Dr. Tenpenny is one of the most in-demand speakers and educators on problems associated with vaccines anywhere in the world. Join us through VaccineU - become one of our global warriors. 


    VaccineU is ALWAYS expanding and growing, courses and modules. Check back frequently.


    We will soon be adding Closed Captioning. We plan to expand the modules to other languages soon. 


    Hundreds of students have already participated in our advanced modules. We are growing quickly.


    Our instructors have a proven track record as presenters and educators.

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    "Thank you, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Matthew J. Hunt for putting on this course! The wealth of knowledge that you have shared is priceless. Looking forward to continued education at VaccineU. I'm heading up to my state capitol."



    "I am already a different person than before I took the Boot Camp Course - Thank you Matt!...I am just doing a quick read - WOW this is very cool...I LOVE the language training - can't wait to dive into the Advanced Training at VaccineU!"

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