VaccineU's Exclusive

Behavioral Series

Part 1

Primer on the Human Mind, the Subconscious, and Models of Interaction.


This is the starting point for the Exclusive Series offered only at VaccineU. This primer is being offered for a LIMITED TIME for only $5.95. This will likely go up in the future, so get it now to enjoy lifetime access to this course.


Each Part of the Series Includes:

  • 1 or more Course Videos
  • A comment section to interact with students and instructors
  • A DocBox with extended materials for you to download and print
  • A Course Quiz to test your knowledge
  • A Certificate of Completion to download and frame

It's never been a more poignant time to get in and start to learn these concepts. Behavioral and language training is of upmost importance as a toolkit for navigating these strange times. Arm yourself with knowledge to help yourself and others. This primer course is the basic introduction and the perfect place to start.



This is a rock-bottom price to start your journey at VaccineU with this EXCLUSIVE SERIES

$5.95/ One Time Payment

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