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Why Hepatitis B at birth?

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Pregancy Series

Course Description

In the Pregnancy series, we examine the earliest vaccines, those given during pregnancy, or shortly thereafter: RhoGAM, Vitamin K and Hepatitis B.

Within the first hours of life, a hepatitis B vaccine is given to newborn infants, and if the mother is hepatitis B positive, she is injected with HBIG, which is hepatitis B immune globulin. 


In 1991, Congress asked the vaccine manufacturers to show the data that they has collected to show that the hepatitis B vaccine was safe to give to newborns. Their answer, “We don't have that data. The vaccine was tested on children 5 to 10 years of age.” In this course, we will explore the real reasons why infants are vaccinated at birth, and why we should stop.

In this module you will learn:

  • How hepatitis B is contracted
  • The true incidence of hepatitis B, the risk of becoming a chronic carrier, and the long-term risk of developing cancer 
  • The astonishing low frequency of becoming a chronic carriers compared to the incidence of long term adverse effects
  • The timeline for recommending hepatitis B vaccines to newborns
  • Why the first hepatitis B vaccines were rejected for use
  • The real reason why the CDC moved to vaccinate infants instead of only high risk adults
  • The recommendations to give hepatitis B vaccines to premies
  • Why fractionated doses (ie smaller doses for premies) are not recommended
  • Why hepatitis B vaccines in infants may be associated with inflammatory bowel disease
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