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Problematic Ingredients Series

Bundle Description

In this BUNDLE you will learn:

  • The history of alum and how aluminum became a routine ingredient in most vaccines.
  • Why vaccines using aluminum have batch-to-batch variations on potency and toxicity.
  • The chain of adverse metabolic events that occur within hours of injecting aluminum into the muscle during vaccination.
  • The metabolic reasons why injected aluminum has very different effects on the body than ingested aluminum.
  • Why animal cells are used to produce vaccines.
  • The various cow components used in creating vaccines and various medications.
  • Why there are various classifications of cow serum used in production
  • The abhorrent way that fetal bovine serum is collected for use in medicine and science.
  • How eggs are used at incubators for influenza vaccines.
  • How vaccines are associated with egg allergies
  • How several different human cell lines became to be used in vaccine production
  • Why antibiotics are used in the production of vaccines and why their use is a concern to scientists
  • Why the use of neomycin in many vaccines is a serious concern
  • The shockingly low level of exposure to antibiotics that can lead to bacterial resistance
  • That the potential toxicity of the combined ingredients have never been studied
  • The adverse effects of polysorbate 80 and borax on infertility in both boys and girls
  • The large amount of residual formaldehyde in influenza vaccines
  • Course Fee: $199.00
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