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Vaccines in Pregnancy

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Pregancy Series

Course Description

Until recently, pregnant women were advised to avoid all types of medications, including over-the-counter preparations.


But beginning in 2008, ACIP began recommending Dtap vaccines at 28 weeks gestation. In this module, we will take a deep dive into the approval of the Dtap vaccine for pregnant women.  I am sure that by the time you conclude this module, you will be very uncomfortable about the safety of this vaccine now given during EVERY pregnancy.


In 2004, ACIP added a flu shot – laden with mercury – to the vaccination schedule for pregnant women.


In part 2, we will take a deep dive into the approval of the influenza vaccine and the use of tetanus shots for pregnant women. I am sure that by the time you conclude this module, you will be very uncomfortable about the safety of these vaccines now given during pregnancy.


In this module you will learn:

  • The load of environmental chemicals experienced by an unborn fetus
  • The timeline for approving Tdap for women, from post-partum only to all women during every pregnancy
  • During the Tdap approval process, determining the clinical efficacy was not required; the determination was decided using something called a serological bridge
  • That none of the long list of ingredients in both Boostrix and Adacel have not been independently tested for safety in either the mother or the fetus
  • That the Tdap vaccines used in pregnancy have not been tested for carcinogenesis, mutagenicity or impact on fertility
  • That the CDC admits there have been no studies to assess the safety of repeated doses of Tdap in pregnant women
  • The CDC also admits there incidence of pertussis in pregnant women is unknown, therefore, the need for this vaccine is unknown
  • Why there is a perceived increase in the incidence of pertussis illness irrespective of vaccination rate
  • The definition of cocooning and how vaccinating parents and grandparents may be increasing the risk of infant pertussis infection
  • Why the pertussis vaccine antibodies have no known correlation to protection
  • The influenza vaccine was recommended for all pregnant women despite no evidence that babies of mothers who contracted influenza had a worse outcome.
  • The true effectiveness of influenza vaccines
  • The influenza vaccines are not effective against more than 200 viruses that can cause influenza-like illnesses
  • Which influenza vaccines (as of 2017) still contain 25mcg of ethyl mercury per injection
  • When tetanus shots should – and should not – be given to pregnant women
  • The list of vaccines under consideration for pregnant women
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